Supplies Needed (updated October 1, 2015)

BAND INSTRUMENTS – We have a very good band teacher, member of our Cartago Reformed church.  José is committed to our school, and has been able to motivate many students for band, even though many of our “real” instruments need repair and we have not been able to do this yet.  Please consider a donation of an instrument to our school before you get rid of yours!  Our goal is to have wind, horn and stringed instruments playing soon!  Your offereings for “Tepeyac Christian school” will go to help our school program.

BENCH GRINDER – 1 hp, to be used in conjunction with our lathe for dressing and grinding the rubber rollers on our printing presses.  We can save a lot of money if we grind our own rollers, and we need a sufficiently powerful grinder for this.  It should be an 8 inch grinder. (Still needed)

Science lab instruments needed.  We would like  to equip a good lab. If you have any equipment, we can use it – microscopes, burners, flasks, etc. (Still needed)

Band instruments needed! (We just received a nice clarinet from Susan.  Thank you very much!) (Still needed)

The Tepeyac high school is looking for basic band instruments. If you want to donate one, please contact us. (Still needed)