Funds Needed – updated October 1, 2015

40 foot container is at sea!

The work on the US side is done – purchasing, moving, packing.  Now we face Costa Rican Customs, and then the logistics of moving the machinery to its final destination!  We are excited about the various “new” machines that will help make our book operation even more efficient.  Your donations for “CLIR printing” help us offset these costs!


We are thankful for 3 small volunteer work teams that have kicked off 2015 at the construction site!

Short range plan is to finish the lower floor of the construction and move the CLIR print shop in.  This will solve CLIR’s problem of lack of space, and will put the building to immediate use while we can finish the rest.

Funds are needed for us to move ahead.  Please tag donations:  “Construction Project”.

Shipment of machinery and supplies to Costa Rica needed! (Still hasn’t shipped!)

Thanks to a generous loan and donation by an individual, CLIR has been able to purchase a much needed, used hydraulic guillotine (1980 model).  We have been using a manual paper cutter all these years (1930 model!), and our shoulders are wearing out!  We also purchased a used hydraulic paper drill for the MILLIONS of pages that we will need to punch for the series “Life in Christ”, which uses a spiral bound spine.  We need to ship these articles to Costa Rica as soon as possible, since we already have the first volume of “Life in Christ” printed (250,000 sheets of paper).  And we have run out of printing plates and solution.  Estimated cost for this shipment is $4,500.  Please consider a donation for “Machinery” (the appropriate tag).  Thank you!  We hope to ship sometime in March.  Pray for this need!


Theological Journal “Reforma Siglo 21” meets the desires of many church leaders

The theological journal published by CLIR is the only Reformed theological journal that is shipped to all of Latin America.  CLIR has had to reduce the quantity published (now down to 2,000) due to rising mail costs.  Many articles are now available on the internet, but the printed format continues to be an effective means for pastors to share the Reformed faith with friends.  Many have been introduced or strengthened in the Reformed faith through the Journal.  Please remember “CLIR publishing” in your giving! If you desire to help fund this important service, please contact Rev. Bill Green at Thank you!  We are considering a FREE issue.  Please consider supporting financially this excellent way to share the faith!  Several churches in Cuba have just joined CLIR and we are shipping Journals free of charge to Cuba.

John Calvin’s commentaries on the Bible

CLIR has undertaken the monumental task of translating and printing John Calvin’s commentaries, especially Old Testament commentaries.  There are extremely few Reformed commentaries on the OT, and very little of John Calvin is in Spanish.  At the date of this writing, CLIR has translated and published 2 Peter, Jude, Jonah, Joel, and Genesis and Joshua will soon be printed (are already translated).  Join us for this exciting and needed service to the Latin churches! Joshua is printed!  Genesis soon (it is a huge commentary!  It has taken a long time to edit and correct).  We are now translating the rest of the Pentateuch.


Reformed conferences are in demand!  Sometimes we can’t keep up.  Contributions for our ministry help cover travel costs and other expenses for conferences.

Tepeyac Christian School

The Tepeyac school continues to offer Christian education, and provides scholarships to Reformed families who cannot afford to pay. Your donation to the Tepeyac school will help provide these funds for needy families. Thank you!

Construction needs to move forward!  Make sure you mark your donation “High School construction”.  

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