The Confraternidad Latinoamericana de Iglesias Reformadas (CLIR) was founded in 1994 to provide a forum for fellowship and joint ministry among Reformed and Presbyterian churches.

Rev. Bill Green has worked as Executive Secretary for the CLIR since 1997. Since it’s inception, the CLIR has grown to include some 12 denominations in many countries of Latin America. As a fellowship, the CLIR seeks to provide ways in which church leaders may become familiar with other Reformed believers and situations, in order to mutually address the challenge of evangelizing this region of the world. During these past years it has been proven that by working together we can accomplish more. These are some of the activities the CLIR is presently involved in:Leadership conferences – Many conferences have been jointly sponsored by the CLIR and local churches. Hundreds of church leaders have received training in various important aspects of ministry, such as elder training, liturgy, Reformed theology, and orientation to Roman Catholic spirituality.

Publications – Through the theological journal Reforma Siglo 21 a thousand pastors and leaders are receiving a practical, contemporary resource for their ministry. This cutting edge publication engages everyday issues which church leaders face. At the same time it offers an historical and confessional focus for churches buffeted by the desire for the new and sensational. Publications have risen from 300 to 5000 copies.

Missions – One of the CLIR’s goals is to stimulate church growth, new church planting and foreign missions. As reformed churches throughout Latin America are becoming more aware of the conditions in each region, there is a growing sense of the need to join efforts to reach those areas which as yet have no Reformed witness. The CLIR’s general meetings, which bring leaders from all over the continent, have been one of the principal means by which a growing camaraderie has arisen.


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