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Construction – 2008 – Heavy duty!
“Heavy duty work crews” are what rolled in this year! The work was rugged but the volunteers were more rugged. Digging, compacting, pouring cement, laying block, painting and welding was the task at hand this year. The Tepeyac High school is making a push to get moved in as soon as possible. Praise the Lord for volunteer work teams from Gun Lake (MI), Bethany (MI), Trinity (MI), Edgerton (MN), Little Farms (MI), Thunder Bay (ON, Canada) and Providence College (CA) who worked VERY HARD on the high school, as well as helping on urgent needs at the grade school.
San José Costa RicaSan José Costa RicaSan José Costa RicaSan José Costa RicaSan José Costa RicaSan José Costa RicaSan José Costa RicaSan José Costa Rica

The School (Construction) 2008

High School construction moves forward by leaps and bounds!

This year 2007 has been a good year for the Tepeyac High School construction project. Generous offerings provided much needed funding, and many people joined work crews that came alongside our national workers and made the concrete and rebar fly! We thank each congregation and each individual for the monetary gifts received. We also acknowledge the work teams from the following congregations: Faith URC, Beecher IL Gun Lake Chapel, Gun Lake, MI Bethany URC, MI Trinity URC, MI Little Farms Chapel, MI People from Walker URC & Cornerstone URC, MI Telkw URC, BC, Canada In June, 2007, we are expecting teams from Cornerstone URC, MI, and Covenant URC, Newton, NJ. The school community is encouraged by the progress made. There continues to be an urgent need to transfer the high school students out of the grade school facility. Please pray for continued support for the construction project! 

  Tepeyac Christian High School graduated third senior class December 15, 2006 marked the third graduation of the Tepeyac High School. Two of the students in the graduating class began their education in the Tepeyac kindergarten! One was Michelle Green. Other students studied for many of their school years in the Tepeyac school, and the teachers all agreed that this class was an exceptional class, with many serious students. That included students serious about their faith as well as their studies. Praise the Lord with us for another milestone attained! Several people addressed the students and parents, including Aletha Green as principal, Ricardo Venegas as home room professor, and Rev. Bill Green for the address to students and parents. Let us continue to pray for the future of our students, that their lives might glorify God in many ways!


 Worldview conference in Nicaragua

Approximately 20 Christian school teachers and church leaders joined Rev. Bill Green for a conference on “Developing a Biblical World and Life View” in Managua, Nicaragua, December 2006. Rev. Isaac Vargas and his wife Lilliam lead the ministry which comprises two schools and two congregations. God has provided helpers from the churches, and strength for the tremendous task that faces this work. At the conference, the participants were grateful for the Scriptural challenge. It was also important to be able to provide appropriate literature on this topic, published by the publishing department of CLIR.

  New material rolls off the printing pressesOne reprint (with a better cover) and one new booklet have just been prepared. Both treat much needed topics that Christians in Latin America are hesitant to talk about. The lengthy ‘article’ by Rebecca Jones called “Does Christianity squash women?” is a timely treatment of the relationship between biblical faith and femininity, and we’ve turned it into a booklet. The second work by Bill Green is called “Worldview: a biblical perspective”.

  Costa Rican Reformed churches celebrate joint service for Reformation DayThe four congregations of the Costa Rican Reformed churches joined for a stirring service celebrating Reformation Day. Each congregation brought a song dedicated to one of the ‘Sola’s’ of the Reformation. One congregation even wrote a song especially for the occasion! True to tradition, there was a drama – this time conmemorating William Farel’s call to Calvin to stay in Geneva. And a sermon taken from Nehemiah 8 reminded us all that God’s work of ‘Reformation’ among his people is not new, and will always be needed when the Church drifts away from God’s word. Pastor Timothy from California was invited to give the message. A time of fellowship followed the service, with tamales provided by the Cartago congregation. All in all, the brethren were very encouraged, and we thank the Lord for His mercy and love showed to our churches.


Pacto de Gracia’ Reformed Church

celebrates 2nd anniversary

In October, 2006, the Pacto de Gracia Reformed Church of San José, Costa Rica celebrated God’s goodness during the past two years. From the tiny beginning two years ago, God is bringing together a beautiful spiritual family, with many and varied gifts for ministry. The congregation celebrated a joyful service, with wonderful singing exalting God’s faithfulness, testimonies from our original members, and a message from God’s word looking to the future. We praise God for these two years, and pray that He continue to use this church for His glory!


 CLIR publishes

books unique to Latin America!

The print shop of the CLIR has been in full swing lately, with three new books hot off the press. These books are ONE OF A KIND for Latin America. All are distinctly Reformed, and address critical areas of modern society. Robert Fugate’s book “Principles of Civil Government” challenges many areas of modern secular government. Timothy Monsma’s “Hope for the southern world” is a call to practice the power of the Gospel to change lives and cultures. And Mario Cely’s “Masonry” is a much needed history and analysis of Freemasonry. “Thank you” to all who have helped our printing ministry move forward!


New book published – a short

defense of the faith

The title is: “The earth is flat – and other myths related to faith and politics”. The goal is to present a reasoned defense of the faith to university students, intellectuals, and anyone interested in Christianity. The first chapter is an alegory about a country that believes the earth is flat, and everyone is brainwashed to believe the same thing. Bill Green seeks to show that today’s society does the same thing with the existence of God – in spite of the obvious evidence, we ‘brainwash’ ourselves that God either does not exist or makes no difference for public life. But we can’t make the earth flat just because we think it is!


Profession of faith and baptisms

in Covenant of Grace Church

The angels celebrated in heaven Sunday, the 23rd of April, as three people were united to the ‘Pacto de gracia’ congregation (Covenant of Grace Church). Karla Frances made profession of faith, and her child, Amanda, was baptized. And Gilson and Fabiana Gurgel baptized their second child, Manuela. Karla’s extended family joined us for worship – some of whom are not attending any church, as we pray that the Word preached might reach them. Praise the Lord with us for God’s covenant faithfulness, and the joy He gives to be able to raise children in the faith. Please pray for Amanda and Manuela, that God will work faith in their hearts from earliest age. See photos here: PactodeGracia   Reformed faith on television  The response has been surprising. Three calvinist pastors (among them Rev. Bill Green) have begun a TV program which discusses contemporary issues in light of the Scriptures. Using a round table format, the half hour program has made something of a ‘splash’. Christian TV is so full of superficial, sentimental and ill-planned programs, that many people are hungering for something substancial. The program will contain as it’s first priority the exposition of the Scriptures – in accordance with the name of the show: ‘Sola Escritura’. With four programs filmed, the participants are not quite as nervous as at first! Please pray that the Lord will use this short program to influence many in Costa Rica and beyond – there is a possibility that the TV channel will go international through satellite. 

Tepeyac High School construction gets

a major boost!

Edgardo Fuentes, the project manager for the Tepeyac High School construction, said recently “there is no doubt in my mind that God is watching out for us”. He was referring to the series of hard-working volunteer teams that visited Costa Rica during January and February of this year, 2006. Each team left a tremendous amount of work accomplished, pleasant experiences with our Costa Rican crew, and a great testimony of Christian cooperation. Fotos do not do justice to all the effort, since much of the work was on foundations. But you can see how the advance of the project is doing at the following link: Construction 2006   San José, Costa Rica 2006San José, Costa Rica 2006San José, Costa Rica 2006San José, Costa Rica 2006San José, Costa Rica 2006San José, Costa Rica 2006

Tepeyac High School Construction

Accreditation Committee underway!

 The enthusiasm was contagious. Over 20 theological educators had traveled to San José, Costa Rica for the meeting. During the 3 years prior, Dr. Neal Hegeman and others had served CLIR (Latin America) in drawing up a rough draft for the project, and now was the moment of truth. On various occasions evangelical institutions had attempted to establish accreditation committees without success. Could CLIR do it this time? The answer was “Yes!” For two long days the group concentrated on their task, hammered out a good document, elected a Coordinating committee, and established their mandate. The goal: to assist Reformed theological institutions in elevating or maintaining excellent academic standards. This will facilitate also the transferring of students to other institutions, as well as sharing professors. Again we see God’s hand guiding us along. We thank the Lord for safe travel, and for work well done. Much work lies ahead, but God is raising up wonderful leaders for the harvest! See photos at:  A-CLIR



Christian schools ‘Gamaliel’ continue to grow in Managua, Nicaragua


Under the direction of Rev. Isaac and Lilliam Vargas, two Christian schools struggle with poverty, few resources and terribly cramped quarters. The commitment of the Vargas family and the Christian teachers involved is the key to their phenomenal growth. Over 220 students are being educated in a Christian and Reformed environment. A funding project has begun to help them purchase much needed property. For information on how you can make a donation, contact: Zion URC, Attn: The deacons, PO Box 599, Ripon, CA 95366.


Inauguration of new locale for the Covenant of Grace Reformed Church  San José, Costa Rica On September 10, 2005 the Covenant of Grace church plant inaugurated their new locale, located right across from the University of Costa Rica, an ideal spot. The plan is to open a Christian book store during the week, with services at night and on weekends – in this way providing visibility for the work, and offering Reformed literature. Church leaders from the other Reformed congregations joined the group for an inauguration service, after which a nice time of CLIR, food, and coffee was had. Pray with us for blessing on this new place.



New members added by profession of faith and baptism to the Covenant of Grace Reformed church


Alejandro Méndez has been attending the Covenant of Grace church plant for 9 months, and has studied the pre-baptismal course with Rev. Bill Green. His enthusiasm for the Reformed faith grows every day, and he has worked hard to bring friends and family to the church also. On August 27, 2005, Alejandro was accepted as a member by profession of faith, and his daughter Michelle (13 yrs. old) was baptized. His sister Carolina is beginning a bible study with Rev. Green and attending services as well. Praise the Lord for fruit upon the seed sown!

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Neo-paganism confronted in Colombia!

Once again Dr. Peter Jones teamed up with CLIR – Latin America to bring a Gospel message to Colombia. As many as 700 people turned out, thanks to the wonderful planning and preparations of the brothers in Colombia. Jones spoke of the growth of modern paganism in the form of esoterism, New Age spirituality and gnosticism in three different cities of Colombia. His dynamic presentation of always fresh material was well received by the church leaders there. Rev. Bill Green joined Jones as translator. Jones had many and varied opportunities to present biblical spirituality, including an hour live on radio! We praise the Lord for these opportunities to expose error and proclaim the Truth. See photos at: Colombia 2005. Colombia 2005Colombia 2005Colombia 2005Colombia 2005Colombia 2005Colombia 2005Colombia 2005
Neo-paganism confronted in Colombia!

Nicaragua 2005Nicaragua 2005Nicaragua 2005Nicaragua 2005Nicaragua 2005Nicaragua 2005Nicaragua 2005Nicaragua 2005

El Crucero 05

45 travelled from Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua to attend conference!

The annual leaders’ conference for Central America was postponed until Easter week due to various circumstances. And even though many wanted to spend vacations with their families, 45 pastors, leaders and Christian school teachers travelled to El Crucero, Nicaragua to participate in seminars on “Creating a biblical World and Life View”. Speakers were Clinton Delaplane, Isaac Vargas, Steve Henning, Donald Herrera and Bill Green. As secularism becomes more and more pervasive, and with the growth of New Age and modern paganism, the Church must be prepared to give a clear defense of the faith given once and for all to the saints. The CLIR is working toward this goal – as are our Reformed churches and schools in Central America. See pictures at: El Crucero 05

Record shipment – 5000!


  In response to the increasing demand for our theological journal, we just finished printing an extra 1,000 books, for a total of 5,000. An entire presbytery in Mexico has been added to our list, as well as new orders from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. We have been able to print more copies quicker and cheaper due to the addition of ‘new’ machinery (see next paragraph). Generous offerings we have received allow us to ship this material free of charge. Many pastors and leaders say that the articles we include help orientate them biblically with regard to modern issues, and serve to challenge them in their faith and practice (4/05).


New’ machinery gets rolling!


Red tape, customs bureaucrats, and stiff taxes slowed down the arrival of the 20 foot container full of machinery and supplies for the print shop. But the day came when everything finally arrived. With the addition of a ‘new’ wide format press (a 1980 AB Dick 385), 2 color capacity, and a hot glue book binder, production has increased and costs have been lowered. And that is our goal! The CLIR is becoming known throughout the continent for our cutting edge literature – from our theological journal “Reforma Siglo 21” to the books we print. See pictures at: Printing.