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– 2001 –

Tepeyac Christian School celebrates 6th grade graduation!

The Tepeyac Chr. School has graduated 8 kindergarten classes and 5 sixth grade classes. On Friday the 14th of December, 2001, the church sanctuary was filled with families and friends of those who graduated. Sixth grade is a real stepping stone in Costa Rica, as the students must pass comprehensive tests before continuing to high school. Andy Marcus spoke to the parents, reminding them of the privilege they have of a Christian school. And pastor Robert Venegas gave a call to both students and parents to put God and His Word first in their lives. 


Tepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac SchoolTepeyac School


Tom Jelsema and crew from Caledonia, Michigan work on Tepeyac school

Church member receives help

A member of the Tepeyac congregation recently lost the right to live in her house. Her husband abandoned her, house payments could not be made, and she must leave the house by December. The Tepeyac congregation has organized to build her a room behind her daughter’s house, who lives not far from the church. Funds have been collected for materials, and the first work crew began pouring the cement floor. The cement had to be mixed on the street and carried in buckets through the house! We hope to have her moved in before the evacuation date

Tepeyac teachers organize to help Nicaragua
(Mission Accomplished! See Photos)

Teachers Jeannina (1st grade), Eloisa (2nd grade) and Dina (3rd grade), have organized parents and children to give school materials, clothes and gifts for the school children of the Managua Reformed school under the direction of Rev. Isaac and Lilliam Vargas. On December 3 this team of teachers accompanied by Rev. Bill Green, Sarita Lizano (a secretary of the school) and Mark Ferrante (a new addition to the Tepeyac team) travelled to Managua and joined the Managua school in an end-of-the-year fiesta. Materials and clothes were given at this time. This is just one more way in which our churches and schools of Central America are trying to be supportive of one another, and is a nice example of Christians lending a helping hand.


Nicaragua 2001Nicaragua 2001Nicaragua 2001Nicaragua 2001Nicaragua 2001Nicaragua 2001Nicaragua 2001Nicaragua 2001Nicaragua 2001


Tepeyac Teachers organize Nicaragua Project

More than 100 attend conferences in Bolivia!

Three leadership conferences were held in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. Bill Green and Dr. Alonzo Ramírez from Perú were the speakers, and the topics were Bible Interpretation and preaching (Green), Eschatology (Ramírez) and Church Government (Green/Ramírez). The brothers in Bolivia did an excellent job at preparation, and all three groups were very lively. The Bolivian Evangelical Presbyterian Church has more than 60 congregations in three presbyteries. But they have been quite isolated from other Reformed contacts. Although this was our first conference of the
CLIR, we have already been invited back! Important relationships have been established with the reformed churches in Perú, and through our CLIR with other churches and theological institutions. We praise God for the opportunity to serve our brothers in Bolivia! See photos at: Bolivia 2001


Bolivia 2001Bolivia 2001Bolivia 2001Bolivia 2001Bolivia 2001Bolivia 2001Bolivia 2001Bolivia 2001Bolivia 2001


Bolivia 2001

See typical Costa Rican folk dances at the Tepeyac school

Youth Group gains cross cultural

experience and contributes to Tepeyac ministries – July, 2001
The Cornerstone Church of Hudsonville has sent an army to Costa Rica – a group of 32 young people and counselors! This “army” will be engaged on various fronts, the first of which is a Vacation Bible School in both Tepeyac and Los Cuadros. Together with the Tepeyac youth group, they will provide Bible study and crafts each morning. Other work will include the construction of a roof over the Tepeyac school entrance, painting, and possibly a ceiling for the Los Cuadros chapel. They have already begun cleaning up the area around the Los Cuadros chapel which has been used as a dump for years. See pictures at: Cornerstone 2001


July 2001 July 2001 July 2001 July 2001 July 2001 July 2001 July 2001 July 2001 July 2001 July 2001 July 2001


Team from Cornerstone Church in Hudsonville gets a cross cultural experience and helps in ministry

School population overflowing!

The opening parents’ meeting of the Tepeyac Christian School had record attendance of both parents and teachers! At this important meeting each year we remind all parents of our central focus – to provide Christ centered education. God has blessed the school with a great team of teachers and supportive parents. Praise the Lord!

A.B. Dick hurricane!

Our two A.B. Dick printing presses worked overtime in April, as together Lester and Bill printed 1000 copies of the theological bulletin Reforma Siglo 21, and 1000 copies of a new novel by Rev. Isaac Vargas. The novel – Encanto de Amor (Enchantment of Love) – is aimed at adolescents, and provides Biblical teaching through the means of a fascinating and creative story.            


Resource packet ready! 

One of the biggest needs for many churches are teaching materials for adults and young people. A goal of the CLIR is to make materials available. Over the years we have compiled and created courses and books on a variety of topics. Our packet in Spanish is ready to ship!  

Conference in Managua – “A 10!”

All the evaluations were rated “Very Good”. The three day conference held in Managua, Nicaragua was a stimulating experience for the 35 pastors, elders and youth leaders who attended. Participants commented that the topics and the speakers spoke to their hearts, and that they were returning to their ministries with a greater commitment to work hard for Christ’s kingdom. The Christian CLIR that we enjoyed was contagious, and sometimes carried over in informal singing until late at night. Those who were in charge of the logistics did a fantastic job, and everything went without a hitch.Carlos Cruz (Puerto Rico) spoke on Mormonism, and brought a fresh look at this false religion. His presentation included first hand material from the Book of Mormon and other writings. Rip Pratt (Texas) presented the biblical bases for a youth ministry, and encouraged churches to take this task seriously. He reminded all that if we as Christian parents and churches don’t fill our children’s minds and hearts, someone else will.

The forces around us are all to many to risk leaving this task to someone else. Bill Green (Costa Rica) brought a study on Scripture interpretation and preaching. His presentation contained foundations for responsible bible interpretation, as well as practical exercises. All the presentations were very well received.Several aspects of this conference are worth noting. Costs could be kept very low because all the participants not only paid their own travel fare, but contributed with a modest enrollment fee. Also, the attendance of young people who are youth leaders in their churches was very encouraging.

These folks brought a vibrancy and energy to the meeting that we all need. And finally, the clear commitment that all present have to promote and defend the Gospel was evident. In this regard many of those present know that they are up against a struggle, both from within their churches and from without. Strong currents bring many distortions into the congregations of Central America. This conference confirmed many in their commitment to “run the race” and to “fight the good fight.”
Please give thanks to God with us for a fantastic conference, for safety in travel, and for the blessings He bestowed upon us during this short time together. We trust that the fruit will be long lasting!
See photos at: Managua 2001