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Our purpose is to glorify God in obedience to Christ’s command to “disciple the nations” (Matthew 28:19). Specifically we have answered God’s call by serving the edification of His Church in Latin America. We do this out of a commitment to the historic Christian faith as summarized by the early creeds of Christendom, and further clarified by the Reformed confessions of the 16th century. Our objectives are to see God’s Church in Latin America built and strengthened upon Christ the Rock, and His infallible Word.


1. To unite like minded Christians in ministry by means of sharing information. God is raising up many soldiers of the cross among our Reformed Churches. There are many wonderful signs of the movement of God’s Spirit among us. At the same time, Satan’s desires to founder the Church’s mission continue. God’s Word and Spirit are our sword, and God’s people are His army. It is our prayer that this website serve God’s mission by better informing and uniting His people.

2. The work of the Church’s ministry depends on resources – both human and material. This website will communicate the needs we have in these areas.