March Prayer Update

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Praise – as is to be expected, we’ve “jumped into” a lot of activities. Most of them have been very profitable. Praise the Lord with us for the following items: 

  1. We have found new members and regular visitors at church. Our two elders, Warner Cascante and Juan Carlos Ramírez have done a marvelous job of managing the church in our absence. Several people have expressed interest in taking our membership course. Praise the Lord who is building His church!
  2. I (Bill) have had meetings with CLIR personnel, and have found things orderly and organized. In spite of severe financial shortfalls last year (our worst ever!), the team here did the best they could, and their commitment to this ministry has been proven by fire. Praise the Lord for faithful servants!
  3. I (Aletha) have found our house quite well attended to by our son Austin, who “held down the fort” in our absence. The house needs the usual cleaning, and some repairs, but things are fine.


Prayer items – We ask you to be in prayer for the following people and situations:

  1. There are a couple of marriages in church which are experiencing trouble, and we ask you to keep them in prayer. We also ask that you pray for Aletha and me as we give counsel to them. We have been counseling together and so far God is answering our prayers. Pray for all the marriages in our church; the Costa Rican society (like all our western societies) is very hard on the Christian home.
  2. Please keep the Tepeyac Christian school Principal (Didier Flores) in prayer as he seeks to give leadership to our school. Pray also for his health. He has been diagnosed with kidney stones, one quite large.
  3. Aletha and I will travel to Brazil on March 15 to meet with the Brazilian Presbyterian Church (IPB) agencies. The purpose is to request that the IPB help CLIR financially in our printing ministry. Please pray that God open doors in this regard.